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Three Small (and Inexpensive) Car Parts that Can Save You Big Money Over Time in Wallace NC!

Your car is chock-full of complex systems which, to work at their peak efficiency, have to be cared for and monitored frequently. Nobody wants to experience the nightmare of a hefty and unexpected repair bill sneaking up on them. Townsend Auto Parts carries a wide selection of small (and inexpensive) parts that ensure that your vehicle is mechanically sound, letting you get out and drive with perfect peace of mind.

Engine Sensors

Without a doubt, the most complex areas of any car or truck are the engine and drivetrain components. Whereas other systems perform one or two simple (but important) tasks, the engine is responsible for providing the energy to run them all. Be it physically moving the car or producing electricity to power important accessories, you need your engine to be running as close to peak efficiency as possible.

A simple and relatively inexpensive way to ensure this is to keep the various sensors on your engine and transmission functioning perfectly. For example a faulty Mass Airflow Sensor can cause your engine to run rich or lean, which means that there is either too much or too little fuel in the air/fuel mixture. Too much fuel will ruin fuel economy and wear out other engine components like spark plugs with a buildup of soot. Too little fuel can cause reduced power as well as make your car or truck reluctant to start.

Whatever the problem, your engine wasn't designed to work like that and is therefore under higher levels of stress than it should be. Keeping your engine sensors in good working condition can alert you to issues like these before they become serious enough to notice in everyday driving, and cost serious money to fix.

Spark Plugs

Sticking with your car's fuel system, keeping spark plugs in good working condition is another simple and inexpensive way to maximize your car's fuel economy and lifespan. The spark plug is responsible for igniting the fuel/air mixture after it has been injected into your engine's cylinders. This is supposed to happen at exactly the right time for the combustion cycle to be as efficient as possible. After all, if the fuel doesn't ignite until the piston is halfway down the cylinder, your engine simply can't maximize its available power. Buildup of soot as mentioned above happens naturally over time, as well as more quickly than necessary when the engine runs rich. Spark plugs can serve as a simple meter for the health of your engine's fuel system, and replacing them at the recommended intervals lets you know how efficiently your engine is running.


Filters serve two primary purposes within your car or truck: providing it with the clean air it needs to breathe, and making sure that the various different oils and fluids that lubricate it remain free of foreign particles. The many moving parts of your engine and drivetrain are engineered with tiny, sometimes miniscule, clearances between them. Any particle or debris that gets inside your engine can create friction and scratches, increasing those clearances and negatively affecting efficiency. Fuel, air, oil and other fluid filters are some of the cheapest maintenance parts available and like spark plugs serve as a measure of your engine's overall health. With the correct filters cleanly installed your car (and your wallet) will be happy for years to come.

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